Good morning!

Consistency is key - so let’s start building successful patterns from the very beginning.

Start the day by entering your current weight on the ‘Your Progress’ screen.

Head into the kitchen and take a look at your delicious, personalised, AWESOME meal plan. It was made just for you! See what you’ve got to look forward to?

Make that breakfast and congratulate yourself for starting the day off right.

If you’re heading off to work, make sure you have all your snacks and lunch with you when you head out the door.

Stick to your plan and go seize the day!

In the evening - if you are preparing a dinner for the family as well as yourself, congratulate yourself on feeding your family a truly nutritious and balanced meal they will love.

If you have selected ‘Leftover Lunches’ on your profile, congratulate yourself for having tomorrow’s lunch already taken care of.

Day One is done! Don’t worry if things felt strange and different - change can be a challenge. The great news is that you have already started building a foundation that takes you exactly where you need to go.

Follow the same plan for Day Two and beyond and just watch what happens!