Once you sign up you will have a weekly food plan with every meal and snack ready to go. You will also have your shopping list at hand.

So you're all set - but let's go through some basics:

1 - Get rid of temptations in the house! Don’t try and test your willpower every time you reach into the refrigerator. When you grab your fresh veggies don’t have your hand pass the family block of chocolate or a bottle of wine every time. Whatever that “thing” is for you, don’t have it in the house.

2 - Go shopping! Make sure you get everything on the shopping list. There may be some items you aren’t familiar with, but everything is delicious and there for a reason.

Also - don’t worry if your first shop seems quite large - you may be buying some things for the first time. Some items may seem pricey, but a lot of them are staples you’ll need and will last a long time, so you won’t be buying them every week. Once you’re setup the second week’s shop is always much smaller- and you’re away!

People find they now spend less money on food than they previously did. There is far less wastage. You also won’t be caught out and have to buy lunches or snacks on the go or at work. You are now organised!

3 - Get excited! Life is about to change for the better!